Without its extraordinary legacy,
how can an internationally acclaimed legend be created?

As one of Europe's most influential and recognizable commercial vehicle brands, MAXUS not only embodies nearly a century of experience and unmatched technical prowess in commercial vehicle development, but by virtue of continuous innovation, it is a trailblazing leader in creating international commercial vehicle market trends and in casting a wide footprint of dominance throughout the world. The MAXUS brand is now universally revered as a legend in the international commercial vehicle industry. Many vehicles under the flagship of the MAXUS brand have been selected by the British Royal Family to be its trusted official vehicles which are used by the Royal Banks, Royal Mails, Royal travels and travel supply vehicle. The vehicles have earned the unwavering trust and esteem of the British Royal Family and its political apparatus.

In 2009, SAIC - a Fortune 500 enterprise and China’s largest automaker, pursued its global vision to survey the fecund landscape of all the high level commercial vehicle resources in Europe. It has successfully acquired the commercial vehicles division of the British Motor Corporation including its technology platform and intellectual property rights, and will proudly introduce a fleet of commercial vehicles into China to be marketed under the Maxus [Datong] brand. SAIC’s unprecedented foray will not only set a new milestone in the development of commercial vehicles in China, but also usher in a new chapter and era for China to experience the legendary driving comfort and reliability of the MAXUS commercial vehicles.

Without international recognition, how can international standards be established ?

A legendary commercial vehicle and brand name that garnered more than 20 Achievement in Excellence Awards in Europe A new definition of international standards customized for business Multi Purpose Vehicles

  1. Top Product of the Year 2005
  2. Best Newcomer 2005
  3. Best New Van 2005
  4. Fleet Van of the Year 2006
  5. Innovation Award 2007
  6. Minibus of the Year 2007
  7. Combi of the Year 2007
  8. Van of the Year 2005/2006/2007/2008
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